Be Inspired

Afternoons at Inspire are fun! Every day there are fun activities to engage and inspire the children.

‘Be inspired’ time is an opportunity for children to explore interests and discover new passions!

Activities are programmed according to the children’s interests and ideas, and include drama workshops, dance lessons, yoga, cooking classes, science experiments, construction, festival days, drawing lessons, and arts and craft.

Every day at Inspire is different!

The Digsloo

Inspire once again partnered with scientist, Alisa Bryce, to develop an exciting new project in preparation for World Soil Day. Alisa has written a whimsical story, called The Digsloo, which explores the important role of soil in our environment. Children at all Inspire centres have been busy creating artworks to illustrate the story, learning all kinds of interesting soil facts and even making some yummy edible soil!

Science Week comes to Inspire

Science Week at Inspire meant science experiments at the centre every day, including invisible ink, balloon amplification and colour swirling milk experiments. The children were excited as Alysa Bryce, a REAL environmental scientist, visited the centre with her very own experiments and challenges for the children to investigate. These experiments included; a sugar concentration test to investigate the science of sugar (with skittles!); a test of pH levels in different household items; and a chromatography experiment, where we were able to investigate what colours made up black ink by dipping a paper towel with ink on it into water and watch the colour separate! The children had so much fun trying out these different experiments, drew some interesting conclusions and had lots of questions to ask about the science behind what was happening in the experiments.