Inspire Martial Arts

We understand that life can be a juggle! As a working parent, it can be difficult to run your children through to all the extra-curricular activities during the week – and that’s why we’ve included a martial arts lesson every afternoon at Inspire.

Taekwondo has always been a focus at Inspire since our inception in 2014, and here are a few reasons why, it:

  • helps build self confidence from a young age
  • is proven to improve coordination and balance
  • is a great way to socialise, make friends and learn how to work as a team with other children
  • allows children to set goals, and progress until they reach black belt
  • helps children understand consistency and discipline

Our Program

Every afternoon that your child attends Inspire, they will be able to participate in a 35-minute Taekwondo lesson with our Black Belt instructor. These lessons are organised to cater for all skill levels and ages and are non-contact to keep each afternoon safe and fun!

Our program takes students from White belts, all the way to 4th Dan Junior Black Belt. How cool will it be for your child to achieve their black belt before heading to high school?

Exciting News - Inspire has partnered with Kukkiwon

Kukkiwon is home to the World Taekwondo Academy in South Korea, and is also the official global governing body for Taekwondo.  This style of Taekwondo is the adopted technical standards for the Olympics – which means that your child will be participating in an official Olympics sport!

Partnering with Kukkiwon means that:

  • Our program is officially registered by World Taekwondo Federation
  • Inspire follows the official Kukkiwon discipline
  • Our head black belt instructors are qualified, and have trained at the #1 Taekwondo academy in South Korea
  • Children from Inspire will have their belts and certificates recognised at any other Kukkiwon Taekwondo schools worldwide

The Inspire Festival

The Inspire Festival is a fun-filled community event, bringing together our students from across all Inspire centres to celebrate their progression and achievements in martial arts.

Twice a year, during the Inspire Festival, Inspire hosts a Taekwondo grading event where Inspire students have the opportunity to advance to the next belt by demonstrating what they have learned during their classes – presenting skills, techniques and patterns

Visit Inspire Festival

Martial Arts Challenges & Games

Martial Arts isn’t just all about receiving the next belt, but also about having fun whilst staying active – which is why we implement a variety of games and challenges to keep afternoon exciting and fresh.

Throughout the term, we hold numerous competitions between children across all of our centres to celebrate and share the skills we learn throughout the term. Check the videos below to see some of the fun things we get up to during our classes!