School Pickup Locations

Inspire offers a complimentary pick up from the following schools.

A day of after school care in our Carlingford centre, is not like any OOSH or OSHC you have been to before.

Our Carlingford centre is located at Muirfield High School which provides our children with lots of space to learn and play! We have access to four large rooms, a massive cola and a great oval. Each day Inspire sets up resources, soft play areas and creates themes for the rooms – so it never feels like a high school and it is never crowded. Although this is a large centre – you will find our staff know every child by name and children are divided into groups based on age and friendships and they move around the various activities with their friends.

Inspire Program is based on children’s ideas and interests and this sees us doing amazing activities

Such as:

  • Science experiments
  • Wood work
  • Drama
  • Sport
  • Cooking
  • Art, craft and drawing
  • Dancing
  • Games, and lots more

We also regularly arrange community visits, recent visitors include: The Guide Dogs, the RSCPA, the Fire Brigade and the Police. The children love these visits – they learn a lot and ask lots of questions!

Inspire also provides a Homework Club – our educators are great at providing positive guidance and support to make homework fun! Parents are encouraged to provide input on what homework you would like your child to do at Inspire – that way we can maximise each child’s learning and take pressure off families needing to do homework at the end of the day.

Most kids in after school care or OSHC miss out on sport and extra-curricular activities – but not at Inspire. Our Inspire, we provide martial arts lessons every day!

The lessons are based on taekwondo, and they are:

  • Non-contact
  • Lots of fun
  • Safe

We encourage children to participate in martial arts because it:

  • improves coordination and balance
  • builds confidence
  • teaches self-respect and discipline
  • incorporates self-defence and anti-bullying

Inspire provides a cost effective way of giving your child new skills and experiences that will equip them for life…and you will be surprised – even the most timid kids love our martial arts lessons!


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