Inspire is a unique after school program

Kids will discover new passions, have new experiences and be inspired!

Our Education Framework

Inspire offers a unique program and a rich experience for children. Our activities and programming is guided by the framework developed by the Australian Government – My Time, Our Place.

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Be Inspired

At Inspire, we believe afternoons should be fun. That’s why a key part of our program is ‘be inspired’ time! Each day children have the opportunity to do a range of awesome activities. It could be cooking, art, games, science, sport, drama, gardening, drawing or dancing … the list goes on.

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Martial Arts Lesson

We understand that when you are at work you can’t be running the kids to extra-curricular activities…and that’s why we include it at Inspire. Each day at Inspire the kids participate in a 35 minute martial arts lesson.

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Homework Club

We know that working parents do not always have time to help their children with homework and this can create pressure for both parents and children. So at Inspire, we have a homework club! Each centre has a quiet space where children can focus on homework and our trained educators are available to provide support and guidance.

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